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polyurea spray

polyurea spray

Spraying polyurea consists of two parts: base and stiffener. It was first used as a table edge protection. Its use was expanded because it dried up quickly and was very durable. Soon it was used to seal manholes, concrete tunnels, and steel truck bodies.


Polyurea is a versatile product.


It is waterproof, UV-resistant, sturdy, fire-retardant and also a very good electrical insulator. This product is ideal for floors, pools, decks, etc. Polyurea is a seamless film that can be handled within 60 seconds of application.


It is used to make concrete surfaces and foundations waterproof. The oil industry also uses it to prevent oil reservoir seepage. The polyurea in the base should be sprayed with a paint gun as it has a drying time of 30 seconds to 2 minutes, so it cannot be rolled out. For use with the drum, the original recipe has been modified to have a longer pan life and drying time, at this time called polyurea aspartic or polyaspartic.


Polyurea is a remarkable technology that has a wide range of uses. As with any coating system, proper surface preparation, correct application equipment, and use of compatible primers are required.


Pipe and pipeline coating

Polyurea coatings and coatings are increasingly used to protect steel pipes from corrosion. The company has proven to be more resilient than painting and maintenance services, and costs have also been reduced. Polyurea is an excellent protective coating system for polyurethane foam insulated pipes. Polyurea is also used to cover the internal parts of water and sewage pipelines for infrastructure rehabilitation works.


Roof coverings, railways and tunnels

Polyurea's ability to withstand coatings and fight corrosion is a major reason why these systems have been designated for coatings of bridges and structures by the country's Department of Transportation. The most common applications of polyurea coatings on bridges are steel and concrete.


Filling / Caulking a joint

Polyurea is successfully used as a multi-purpose filler, sealant and sealant. It can provide a flexible, durable, weather and traffic resistant joint for all types of masonry joints, such as expansion and control joints in masonry floors, perimeter joints, panels and doors, water tanks, etc. Bridging properties with high elongation and tensile strength. Fast curing time and moisture insensitivity allows for faster installation with a wider application window. A good preparation of the surface and the condition of the substrate is always necessary.


tank liners

Polyurea coatings protect steel tanks from corrosion, chemicals, and other natural and job site elements. With proper surface preparation, substrate condition, formulation selection, primers, and installation procedures, polyurea extends quickly and stays long. Polyurea is ideal for extending the life of older tanks and may also provide limited structural properties. These systems can be applied during initial construction or in a retrofit environment. With fast curing times, it's great for renovations, as downtime is greatly reduced compared to some competing materials.


Polyurea liners are resistant to many chemicals and industrial fluids. With the benefits of rapid application and the ability to adhere to properly prepared substrates, polyurea is ideal for new primary coating and storage tank rehabilitation projects.


Maritime field

Above and below the waterline, polyurea can be very effective in protecting steel, aluminum and fiberglass in a variety of water sports and commercial marine applications. From noise reduction for fishing boats, fish trapping, hull protection, and bridges, polyurea is used in a multitude of marine applications to abrasion, chemical, and erosion-proofing.


roof covering

Polyurea coatings create an excellent protective layer for polyurethane foam surfaces. Polyurea can be formulated to meet specific performance requirements due to the wide range of physical properties that can be formulated. Some systems have a classification of colors and reflections. These reflective coatings can help reduce the amount of energy used in buildings for heating and cooling. Fast curing time and moisture insensitivity allows for faster installation with a wider application window. A good preparation of the surface and the condition of the substrate is always necessary.


sewage treatment liners

Primary and secondary containment liners for fast-curing, abrasion and chemical resistant concrete. What can you say more about polyurea applications for the wastewater treatment industry?


Drain sleeves and liners

Polyurea manhole coating is a rapidly growing market due to polyurea's ability to solve many of today's problems with underground waterproofing and rapid installation. Many municipal and private water systems are in dire need of liners and structural repairs. With proper surface preparation and substrate conditions, polyurea primers can be quickly applied to get bore up and running faster than most competing systems. Polyurea's ability to form a durable monolithic coating protects the cavity from sediment and groundwater intrusion into municipal sewage systems.


truck bed covers

Truck bed liners form a durable, waterproof and durable liner for the exterior of trucks, dump trucks and steel containers. These durable, easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant coatings protect utility trucks from their harsh environments. They also protect against rust and corrosion for damaged trucks and containers. Polyurea coating can also be applied in various thicknesses to meet any specific application request. Truck bed covers are available in multiple colors and can be rolled over the top edge of the chaise

Henna to provide extra protection from impact and abrasion.


theme park and decorative design

Amusement parks often use polyurea as a protective coating on foam and other structures to create decorative building facades, themed shapes, man-made rocks, ponds, and environments.


Floors and parking

Polyurea flooring systems are most popular for their quick to install capabilities. Other benefits are also available with polyurea flooring systems. Polyurea is extremely durable and ideal for use in high traffic areas. They are used in clean/dirty rooms as a coating for waterproofing and protection against daily pressure cleaning operations. Polyurea can be formulated to be flexible and resilient allowing the flooring system to protect objects that may fall on it.


aquarium liner

Aquariums have also found benefits with polyurea. The ability to form walls with custom shapes and thematic motifs makes this system desirable. The spray-applied waterproof liner, available in a variety of colors with the ability to quickly install back into service, is why facility owners are turning to polyurea.


Landscaping and water containment

Landscape designers and contractors have found similar benefits with polyurea. Polyurea is often used to contain water for ponds and to decorate swimming pools to form a primary containment liner. The use of geotextiles is common when polyurea is applied to dirt. A good surface finish is essential when applying to concrete and most other substrates.


Architectural Design

Polyurea has many of the same uses in architectural design as it does in park applications. Polyurea is used as a protective coating on foam, and other structures to create decorative building boundaries, themed characters, man-made rocks, ponds, and environments. There are many uses for the design of sets and theatrical stages.


Auto parts molded fascia

Polyurea can be sprayed, opened, or injected into molds. Many of the fascia parts for automobiles are forged from polyurea systems. Now, many spray molding applications are becoming popular to replace parts usually made of fiberglass. Water chutes, auto parts panels, fascia and spoilers, architectural decorative moldings, and more.


Water parks and playgrounds

Die-cast slats, wet/dry bumper seat liners, tank liners, water retention, aquariums and concrete benches are just a few of the many applications used in the automotive industry. Polyurea is rapidly increasing use in applications to replace coatings and fiberglass due to its rapid processing and ability to reduce maintenance cycles.


Car Lining and Track Fitting

Polyurea is commonly used in the coating of fluid containment vehicles with its sealing and chemical resistance properties. Hopper cars have benefited from the strength and wear resistance of polyurea. These cars often carry coal, sand and other abrasive materials. Polyurea can be applied quickly and will stand up to many other conventional systems if applied correctly.


Very fast fixing material

Polyurea is a very fast fixing material, making it ideal for use in drawing lines and pavement markings. It can be brought back into service for traffic and pedestrian use within a few minutes (depending on the formula) after application.


Polyurea is more durable than paint

Polyurea generally lasts longer between maintenance cycles. Polyurea is the obvious choice when it comes to profitability and profitability.


spray molding

The use of polyurea in molding processes is gaining momentum with the advent of low-efficiency spray guns. Polyurea has very fast reaction times and is mixed at the counter and distributed through multicomponent equipment. This material dries to the touch within seconds of application, greatly reducing mold removal time. The physical properties of these materials can be modified by the system formulation tool to meet the requirements of the application.


Other applications:

• Racing Car Body Parts

• Mold making

• artificial rocks


Fuel storage and containment

Polyurea is resistant to many fuels and chemicals. It is commonly used for fuel drilling and secondary pipeline containment. Polyurea is not resistant to all chemicals and compatibility testing and surface preparation are still required.

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