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Swimming pool insulation

Swimming pool insulation

What is the insulation of your swimming pool?
The pool water is protected from external "attacks". The insulation of your pool goes not only through the structure of the walls, but also through the coating and cover of the pool. Seek advice from your pool specialist: good insulation will allow you to save on water heating
Your swimming pool must be well insulated so as not to suffer any significant deterioration, and for the convenience of bathing. Think about the thermal insulation of your swimming pool from the moment you design it.

Swimming pool insulation during construction
Choosing an insulating pool structure: materials that reinforce good insulation. With technological innovations, more and more possibilities are available to you.
Are you building an indoor pool? In this case, it is also the insulation of the room that is necessary, in addition to the ventilation and dehumidification system.
waterproof coating
The walls of the aquarium should then be closed. Lining, reinforced membrane, paint or resins are waterproof coatings. On the contrary, the tile is only decorative: it must be laid on a waterproof foundation. Think about it when choosing your pool cover.

How do you insulate a sauna/pool?
Baths and saunas are isolated in the final stage of construction. It is insulated on both sides, from the inside and from the outside. Foam glass panels are used to insulate the bathroom and the pool ... They are attached with special adhesives and mechanical fasteners to foam glass, on top of which decorative and protective layers are covered. It must be remembered that the insulation of the bath and the pool is a complex engineering task that must be solved by professionals with the appropriate qualifications. You will save money, time and effort if you contact our professional engineers.
Insulation methods and materials
There are slight differences in the insulation of swimming pools made of different materials. Let's take a closer look.
plastic basin
The swimming pool is spray-insulated with polyurethane foam. You can do this yourself by purchasing a special device. After that, the pot is placed in the ground or placed in a specially designated room. This type of insulation helps prevent the pool water from cooling.
concrete basin
Heating is carried out by the spray method. Here it acts as a heat insulator, water and vapor insulator. However, insulation must be carried out not only outside, but also indoors. So that there is no premature cooling of the water in the pool. Inside the pond, the reinforcement is sanded and then cement mortar is applied. So everything is decorated with mosaics.

What is the purpose of isolation in terms of persistence pools?
I would like to clarify that when we talk about waterproofing ponds, they can be considered three basic types. Ponds built into the terrain, ponds with a reinforced concrete bearing frame and also ponds on the tops of squash buildings.
Accordingly, each of them develops a different method of waterproofing. In the first type, due to the excavation of the pool in the plot, double insulation is created. Once, the pool must be insulated from the outside against the ingress of groundwater, and for the second time from the inside against the leakage of traces of pools in the direction of the soil.
Ponds that are on construction are more dangerous ponds, not infrequently they are also larger, while the terrain most often found are also small ponds. With regard to it, the insulation is also on the inside, and also perhaps if any problem occurs, it can easily be located from the outside where the separation penetrates, and therefore for the time being to take proper care.
For swimming pools of the roofs, insulation is also made in contact with those on the podium, since an unusual moment is the bottom. Sometimes it is mistakenly believed that the width of the panel under the pool should be huge, and this leads to a large weight after adding a mass of water itself. The panel needs to be strengthened as a suitable option is the use of carbon-fiber-based products in a variety of panel slats, moreover, for girders and even sails of 30 or even 60 cm. When inflating columns with carbon fiber plates, they are bandaged with them.
What are the suitable waterproofing systems for swimming pools?

With regard to the insulation works themselves, the insulation systems may be based on bituminous pores and also polymer films. This type of insulation can also be made from the inside – this is the old type of sheet insulation, which is, undoubtedly, a little easier on the outside. In the event that he is separated from the inside with such insulation papers, things become more complicated. But even 15 years ago, exactly the corresponding types of insulation were being made en masse, because foil, whatever it is, or even bitumen, should be able to be anchored against the wall. In this case, a very heavy system of anchors is carried out, then a turret, and it is from this very insulation with a reinforced turcrete that the cladding is installed. Therefore, sheet insulation, although in fact it is still in use, during the past 15 years it is mainly replaced by a type of affixed insulation, also external, and therefore internal as well.
Are there easier and safer ways to water pools besides who they are?

During cladding of the waterproofing type, polyurethane compositions are used, special types of silicone, much less epoxy, and, moreover, plastic epoxy resins. In the case of such insulation, this thickness can be given in the order of 1 mm and it can also be in the desired color, according to the architect's recipes. Insulation of this type is easy to put on, they are elementary in terms of making.
I would especially note that the adhesive components of the tile underlay of the pool cannot serve the purpose of insulation.
And do you need to be able to use another type of waterproof adhesive in relation to pools?
No, I don't bet. Provided that we have good insulation, the respective polymer-cement compositions are sufficiently waterproof, and also have good adhesion, moreover, no adhesive interference to be more specific.
And exactly how the question of grumbling dissolves sitting?

Grunge mixtures must necessarily be not only for
A, which was used for swimming pools found, moreover, around them, with proven cold resistance. Unfortunately, we were without swimwear, because the requirement for reporters to exploit acquisitions was just beach clothes.

Cover to insulate your swimming pool
The pool cover is also a useful accessory to insulate your pool. It limits evaporation and its "windproof" effect maintains the water temperature. The pool water is protected from external "attacks".
The insulation of your pool goes not only through the structure of the walls, but also through the coating and cover of the pool. Seek advice from your pool specialist: good insulation will allow you to save on water heating.
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